June 17, 2019








•  Remote Control – AerWare-OxygenTM is capable of remotely managing all your timers, resets (breakers), personal settings for alerts, alarms, D.O. set points, high and low aerator amp limits, and many other settings through your linked computer(s) at home or at the office. AerWare will help you control and manage what is happening with your operation from wherever you are via cell phone and/or computer.
AerWare-OxygenTM software, together with the AerCon 2610 monitor and 1200E buoy are a complete water management system capable of optimizing your operational efficiencies AND profits. Multiple computers can be networked allowing owners, farm managers and designated people to have the most current information from your pond monitoring equipment.

•  Interaction with Farmer – There are several ways to connect with AerWare while mobile.


• PhoneConnectTM is our new and improved phone keypad interaction method. It is the preferred and most popular method of remote connection to the base computer. Farmers can call in anytime to get pond and aerator status as well as receive alerts and alarms via cell phone. Many necessary functions such as aerator start-up, seine mode enable, and alarm acknowledgements can be handled from a basic cell phone key pad. A standard phone line in all that is needed to the computer for this feature.


TextAlert reverse

• TextAlertTM is a basic text notification system for those wanting a simple, non intrusive text to notify them of any alerts or alarms. It can send out scheduled, informative texts as well. A standard phone line is all that is needed to the computer for this feature.


ViaMail reverse

• VIAmailTM is an email notification and information request system for those wanting to receive their alerts and alarms and request data via e-mail. This feature requires an internet connection on the computer and of course, a mobile internet device.



• WebAxessTM is an exclusive AerCon website, continuously updated remotely from your farm PC. This is the newest addition to our software. Each farm has its ‘own’ web page and is updated from the base computer at the farm. This feature requires an internet connection on the computer and a mobile internet device to view the data.




• Ease of Use – The intuitive design of this software is as user friendly as possible while incorporating many useful and technologically advanced features. A wealth of information is literally at your fingertips with this program.



*Specifications subject to change without prior notification.


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