June 17, 2019





Private Lakes and Fish Out Operations

Fish Out Operations - For those who depend on producing trophy bass, it is not an option to have a low oxygen event. Operations that host professional anglers and weekend lake enthusiasts will want to have an AerCon DO monitor in their lake(s) to ensure the long term survival of these prized lunkers! Because....to suffer a catastrophic fish loss leading to an extended loss of revenue is not an option. Our high-performance equipment can help guard against such problems.

Private Lake Owners - For lake owners that have their own private get-away-from-it-all paradise; it is important to keep all those valuable fish alive and thriving for the thrill of catching these guys out of their own lake. AerCon’s equipment and our specialized services for this type of setting can help insure the health of your fish; even while you are not there! Check out our software page to see the options for staying informed!


"Keep 'em alive"

Help ensure that your fish thrive, not merely survive!


Think about this one!

How can you put a value on a lake full of these guys? Lakes can ‘turn over’ without warning but with catastrophic results. Help ensure the safety of your fish by trying AerCon…Not your luck!


Excellence in oxygen monitoring