June 17, 2019





Commercial Aquaculture

Large, multi location farms as well as small family farms can benefit from the features and services of AerCon. Our WebAxess feature allows farm owners and managers to view the status of the ponds and equipment at anytime from anywhere.

Split-Pond or Raceway Systems - Our system works well in split-pond applications. A buoy in each cell and a 2610 with special timers and setpoint options can maximize water movement and aeration like never before. As other improved growing methods are implemented, we will be alert to what farmers need (and want!)

Traditional Catfish Production - No new production methods? No problem. Our system will help streamline production in traditional ponds. Growers are finding they are less ‘tied down’ with DO management, allowing them to better manage other aspects of their farms. AerCon is there when you are not or can not be.


Excellence in oxygen monitoring