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AerCon 2610 Monitor


AerCon's DO monitoring system is based on a pond-side monitor connected to a floating in-pond buoy with a heavy-duty cable. Each pond has its own monitor versus a shared network for the sake of risk management. This high quality, industrial grade monitor is capable of itself to do all DO testing and aerator control without being linked to a central processor. We do, however, recommend having communication to a PC with AerWare-OxygenTM for the acknowledgement of various alerts and alarms.

A large, backlit display allows those driving by to readily be aware of pond DO and temperature. Aerator status and other pertinent information are also displayed; contributing to a high level of user satisfaction. The AerCon 2610 monitor, when operated with the AerCon 1200E buoy and AerWare-OxygenTM software, becomes a high performing and reliable system to improve profits and reduce risks. Please check out our products to see what we can do for you.


Key features of this monitor are:

Aeration Set Points - Each day has up to four configurable time periods. This feature is saving our current customers money by way of allowing them to set aeration times to match up with the power companies’ time-of-use rates. Even when multiple rates are not available, farmers can still benefit by not having aerators running way on into the morning. Farms that have someone go around and actually turn aerators ‘off’ to accomplish the same thing will undoubtedly benefit from this feature in dramatic risk reduction. In the evening; aerators can be set to start sooner to more effectively guard against the coming low DO of the night. Savings on labor, risk, and truck expenses will no doubt be realized with these features.

Timers - There are several timer options available in the 2610. Two one-shot timers are for one time, isolated aeration. These one-shot timers are ideal for mixing in chemicals or algaecides. Two daily timers are for doing the same task every day at the same time. This can be used to run circulators or aerators to aerate in the early morning or late evening for added security or simply to mix the water for whatever reason. Two multi-shot timers can be used to run aerators or circulators up to three times per day.

Continuous Amp Monitoring - This feature continuously analyses the running amps on up to 6 aerators. Our ‘minuteman’ aeration will fill in the gap, should an aerator go down by starting the next one in line. Situations could include- an aerator tank begins to take on water or a coupling or belt breaks or a motor burns out. Customers that are running on single phase power are realizing a substantial savings by being able to detect bad ‘run’ capacitors in a timely manner. Our monitor is alerting them, hence preventing burned out motors from excessive amperage draw.

Increased peace of mind is not a bad thing either! What is it worth to know that aerators are actually running instead of just hoping they are? Any farmer that has come to a pond at 3 am and found one or all of the aerators not running will greatly appreciate this feature.

Two Buoy Input – This optional feature is primarily for split-ponds or race way applications. A second buoy can be added to help maximize water circulation and aeration.

Lightning Resistance - Much thought and effort has been put into making the AerCon 2610 monitor as lightning resistant as possible. We have a proprietary AerCon SurgeTerminatorTM that, when used ahead of the monitor, offers a great deal of protection against what typically would be a very costly strike. This system has been proving itself very well in this regard. However, it is commonly understood that no equipment is totally isolated from a direct hit. This is one of AerCon’s hallmark features that comes from not accepting ‘good enough’ in our R&D and manufacturing process.

Wireless Communications - 2610 monitors have an on-board advanced Xtend radio system that allows full pond control and monitoring; remotely. Each installation is unique and AerCon will configure your network for maximum performance.

Remote Aeration - For instance, a pond may have an additional power source some distance from the main one. In this case, a ‘slave’ monitor can control aerators remotely from the ‘master’ monitor’s commands.

All-weather-cover – Our heavy duty, shield/mount will protect your investment from the elements for years to come.

Aerator Maintenance - Aerator run times are logged for use in your maintenance program to track machine hours as well as when motors, belts, oil have been changed.

Battery Backup - This feature is primarily for sending out a ‘No Power’ warning that utility power is off. This feature notifies you as soon as it happens instead of waiting until aeration is needed. No DO testing takes place during this time.

AerCon SurgeTerminator OL

SurgeTerminatorTM , A highly effective AerCon surge protector for our equipment. This surge protector has proven itself to be extremely effective in reducing damage from lightning and line surges. Some farms are saving a substantial amount of money by this amazing, AerCon designed device. Try it for yourself!

GreenLeaf Lean and Green In some cases our equipment may help the customer qualify for energy saving 'incentive programs' as well. Many of AerCon's features, either directly or indirectly, will help lessen the operation's environmental impact. From alerts that are generated if an aerator is running unnecessarily to the obvious things of not having to physically go to the pond for little adjustments, etc.; this system will save you time, money, and vehicle expense.

One of the most energy saving features is the 2610's aeration setpoints. More fine-tuned setpoints configuration also saves money by aeration equipment not running more than necessary thus reducing wear and tear. After all, at the end of the day, it is about working smarter; not harder.


*Specifications subject to change without prior notification.


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