June 17, 2019





1200 E Buoy

Overview - The in-pond buoy is linked to the 2610 monitor on the pond bank with a heavy duty AerCon buoy cable. An AerCon SmartPumpTM is used to pump water through the buoy every 15 minutes. The same robust pump is reversed one time a day to evacuate the water within the buoy for the automatic calibration process of the DO sensor.

Easy Service -The 1200E’s convenient design allows it to be disassembled quickly and without tools.The buoy’s unique design helps eliminate some of the commonly occurring maintenance issues associated with this type of equipment.

Long Term Deployment -This buoy is designed to be deployed for an entire growing season under most operating conditions. An oversized, encapsulated float keeps it floating in all conditions for years to come.

DO Sensor - AerCon uses a proven, galvanic type DO sensor. Under most circumstances, it will operate at least a full growing season before needing minimal service.

Water In Buoy Sensor -In the event that a buoy happens to take on water, this feature promptly alerts the user; instead of waiting until there is a real problem.

• SmartPumpTM, Our exclusive, self-reversing buoy pump.

This amazing pump was developed in-house because of a lack of available, suitable pumps. It is a rebuildable, heavy-duty pump versus an inexpensive, disposable type. The pump has the ability to sense it’s DC current draw and automatically reverse itself to clear any obstructions, if needed. It truly is a ‘SmartPump’.


*Specifications subject to change without prior notification.


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