June 17, 2019





A Statement on AerCon Technologies LLC

AerCon Technologies LLC will endeavor to design, manufacture, and market high quality automation equipment and software relating to the aquaculture and wastewater industries. In this business, we believe details matter.

Reliability and quality have been high priorities since our beginning and we are adamant about maintaining this standard. At AerCon, we believe that quality creates its own demand. Sometimes there is an extra cost attached but we feel there is too much at stake to settle for anything less.

Knowing that customers today have many choices in this market, we will always strive to uphold our beliefs about honesty and integrity. Our goal is to be a go-to monitoring company for years to come. With AerCon equipment, you are not only buying something to turn aerators on and off; you are buying peace of mind.

Long term, working relationships with our employees, suppliers, and customers that are mutually beneficial are important to us. Our goal is to help our customers reach their goals, thereby helping us reach ours.

Count on AerCon to deliver where others only promise


Excellence in oxygen monitoring